KAESER solutions for control air.

KAESER solutions for control air

Dependable control air is needed around the clock, 365 days a year. Energy efficiency is therefore of key importance when it comes to technical marine operations. Every kilowatt hour consumed has to be “bought at high cost” in the form of fuel prices, fuel processing and energy conversion. However, KAESER rotary screw compressors save energy in a variety of ways: Equipped with flow-optimised SIGMA PROFILE rotors, the airend is actively managed by the SIGMA CONTROL 2 compressor controller. This advanced controller matches compressed air delivery to actual air demand, thereby keeping costly idling time to an absolute minimum, thanks to its Dynamic control mode.

Production d’air comprimé dans un encombrement minimal.
KAESER compressors for control air.

Achievable compressed air quality classes for control air

Control air must be free of oil, dust and water so that starting, stopping and reversing the engine or ventilation processes can run smoothly over the long term. To meet these requirements, we offer the following compressed air quality classes according to ISO 8573-1. We achieve this reliably with special compressed air post-processing. All from one source, we provide you with customized solutions with compressed air filters, adsorption dryers and compressed air tanks.

Compressed air quality classes for control air.

Your benefits

  • High performance more efficiency
    The Electronic Thermo Management (ETM) system dynamically controls fluid temperatures for greater energy efficiency.
  • Compressed air for your use
    Our compressed air post-processing secures your need for oil-, water- and dust-free compressed air
  • Space-saving design
    Since space on-board ships is at a premium, our marine compressors are designed to be as compact as possible and to provide excellent accessibility.
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High-performance desiccant dryer

DC series desiccant dryers provide dependable compressed air drying down to a pressure dew point of -70 °C. They combine proven system design and high energy efficiency with exceptionally low maintenance costs. The provision of pressure dew points below 0 °C can be complex. It was therefore particularly important for KAESER to draw on its many years of compressed air engineering experience when designing the DC series of desiccant dryers and to use consistently high-quality components throughout. This meticulous attention to detail resulted in impressive energy efficiency across the entire load range. All models are installed on a rugged, space-saving frame and are accepted by all notable classification societies.


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