KAESER solutions for nitrogen production.

KAESER solutions for nitrogen production

With a rotary screw compressor range from 15 - 5100 m³/h and a constant pressure of up to 15 bar, KAESER offers the best possible compressed air supply systems for on-board nitrogen generation, whilst setting the standard with worldrenowned quality. Perfectly dimensioned coolers ensure an exceptionally low airend discharge temperature. Oil separation takes place via a three-stage separation process with large oil separator tanks which benefit from a long oil filter maintenance interval. Manufactured by KAESER and maintenance-free, the centrifugal separator is also highly effective in eliminating moisture from the compressed air. Far less energy is therefore required to produce premium-quality compressed air.

KAESER provides energy-efficient and reliable compressors for nitrogen production.
KAESER compressor for nitrogen production.

Dependable nitrogen production

Air, water or seawater-cooled, these rotary screw compressors can be perfectly adapted to any application. The open version features a particularly narrow design and is therefore ideal for use on board ships. Thanks to the cooling system’s efficient and high-quality heat exchanger, these versatile compressor packages keep a cool head at all times - even in tropical machine room temperatures. The rotary screw compressors are equipped with corrosion-free stainless steel piping, which, thanks to flexible piping connections, ensures an exceptionally quiet and low-vibration performance.

Your benefits

  • Electronic Thermal Management for efficiency and reliability
    Stable air temperature for downstream dryer and/or nitrogen generator. No risk for high air-end discharge temperatures.
  • Compact and quiet
    Thanks to separate mounting and installation of components, KAESER compressors are exceptionally quiet and low in vibrations.
  • Stable pressure up to 15 bar
    The high pressures available for the air enable the use of smaller membrane nitrogen generators with the same production capacity. The air discharge pressure is kept stable within ± 0.1 bar, allowing these generators also to be operated without an air receiver.
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Electronic Thermo Management (ETM) for more energy efficiency

Powered by an electric motor and integrated into the cooling circuit, the sensor-controlled temperature control valve is the heart of the innovative Electronic Thermo Management system. The SIGMA CONTROL 2 compressor controller monitors the inlet air and compressor temperature in order to prevent condensate formation, even under differing air humidity conditions. The ETM system dynamically controls fluid temperatures for greater energy efficiency, whilst at the same time protecting the downstream systems.

Electronic Thermo Management from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN.

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